Chris Hightower

Director of Event Strategy & Business Development

Chris Hightower has been hired to help lead the events team in the position of Director of Event Strategy and Business Development in the basketball and football businesses. His primary responsibilities will include leading the sales team strategies, collaborating with the event operations team to capitalize on market opportunities, maintaining relationships with industry stakeholders, and ensuring financial viability across all events.

Hightower brings with him nearly two decades of experience in the basketball world. He began in the early 2000s working for And1, leading all player relations initiatives for the streetball movement known as the And1 Mixtape Tour before transitioning to work with their NBA endorsers, building a portfolio to include 20% of the NBA.

Then, Hightower worked for Under Armour in their grassroots basketball division, helping launch their elite grassroots basketball league, UA Association. The UA Association was comprised of 60+ of North America’s top teams. Additionally, Hightower oversaw Stephen Curry’s invitational camp, SC30 Select Camp, and one of the nation’s top summer All-Star games, the Elite 24. Chris and his wife, Megan, live in Philadelphia with their son, Carter, and their two dogs.