Prep Network began in March of 2012 with a single website to fill a gap in the coverage of college-bound basketball players in Minnesota. The top players were being followed and publicized, but there remained a significant number of talented, potentially college-bound prospects that weren’t getting the coverage they deserved.

The website was an immediate success and led to the subsequent launch of the Prep Hoops (, with the goal of offering comprehensive prospect coverage across the country. By covering high schoolers pursuing athletic careers at all collegiate levels – Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and Junior College – Prep Network helps student-athletes fulfill their dreams.

In addition to publishing the most comprehensive club, high school, recruiting coverage & analysis, Prep Network runs a growing slate of first-class tournaments and the largest basketball showcase series in the country, the Top 250 Expo.

Not long after Prep Hoops began it’s nationwide expansion, it became apparent how this model could thrive in other sports. In 2017, Prep Dig ( was launched to cover high school and club volleyball around the country and Prep Girls Hoops ( followed suit with its own growing network of prospect-driven coverage.

As Prep Network continues to expand online coverage and events, the goal remains the same: to be the country’s most comprehensive resource for evaluation and recruitment in high school athletics.