Keydrick Barlow hired as Associate Editor

The Prep Network content team announced the addition of Keydrick Barlow this week in the Associate Editor role.

Barlow, an Atlanta, Georgia native, first joined Prep Network late in 2018 and launched the Prep Girls Hoops Georgia site, steadily building a sizeable audience alongside Kyle Sandy.

In his new role, Keydrick will work with Senior Editor Anthony Garcia and Editor in Chief Jared Nelson to make informed and data-driven decisions in order to maximize the value added to players throughout the country. He’ll be a resource for Prep Network’s 300+ scouts, assisting them with their year-round coverage.

“Keydrick showcased his abilities as a scout, and like many other employees at Prep Network, turned his writing role into something bigger within the company,” Prep Network CEO Jake Phillips added. Barlow joins Garcia and Nelson on the content team, each of whom began in writing and scouting roles for Prep Network.

Keydrick graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Mathematics in 2011. He has served in roles as an educator and been on numerous basketball coaching staff at both the high school and collegiate levels. Additionally, he is an experienced Athletic Administrator.

“We are excited to add such a talented and hard-working individual to our growing content team,” Prep Network CEO Jake Phillips said. We have added over 35 state websites to our network in 2020, and Keydrick will play a big part in managing our growing team of scouts.”

Barlow currently resides in the Atlanta suburbs with his wife Sharia and their five children, Jordan, Jada, Gabrielle, Ace, and Cali.